Community Benefits

In addition to the economic, environmental and social benefits that the proposed Milton Logistics Hub would provide, CN is exploring ideas for potential additional benefits in Milton and Halton Region.


CN has operated in Milton for over 100 years and we want to make sure we continue to be good neighbours. During fall 2017 public consultation, we asked for and received your input on potential areas for CN to consider contributing towards an additional community benefit.

That input informed three Community Benefits Roundtables, held in spring 2018, where we further refined a list of potential benefit ideas. Community representatives and organizations were invited to participate in the Roundtables, including local and provincial elected officials, educational institutions, residents’ associations, recreation and community associations, cultural associations, members of the local business community and residents.

From June 11 – 29, 2018, CN invited participation in an online survey and conducted outreach in Milton and Halton Region. Feedback from this engagement will help to inform CN’s consideration of potential community benefit ideas.


Items on this list of potential benefits are subject to considerations that may or may not involve other parties. CN may consider advocating for an initiative where possible but does not intend to make commitments on behalf of any other parties. In considering additional community benefits, the following assumptions would need to be satisfied:

  • The proposed Project is approved with reasonable conditions
  • CN would be a contributor to a partnership funding envelope, not the sole contributor
  • The benefit does not require additional EA scope related to the proposed Project
  • The benefit does not impact the proposed Project’s schedule
  • The benefit is feasible
  • CN is not responsible for the operation or maintenance of the benefit

Following this community engagement, a report will be prepared summarizing input received, and CN will consider that input in refining potential community benefit ideas.