Community consultation committee established to further two-way communication on the CN Milton Logistics Hub

Community Consultation Committee is an important part of CN’s continuing community consultation process

CN is pleased to announce the establishment of the Community Consultation Committee for the planned Milton Logistics Hub, an important element in its ongoing community communication and engagement related to the project. CN has elected to form the committee as a component of the federally mandated Community Liaison Communication Process. The committee, led by independent third-party Co-Facilitators Ms. Edie Thome and Dr. Terry Flynn, serves as a community feedback forum to CN from Indigenous groups and local stakeholders prior to construction, throughout construction, and into operation of the Project.

Appointed by CN as Committee Co-Facilitators earlier this year, Ms. Thome and Dr. Flynn identified and spoke with Indigenous groups and numerous members of the community who represent diverse stakeholder groups and backgrounds. The committee also includes some individuals who put their names forward for consideration during CN’s most recent community consultation period, from May 26 to June 30, 2021.

The committee member selection criteria stipulated that members must reside full-time, operate a business, represent a community group in Milton or maintain another significant connection to the Milton community. Participation in the Community Consultation Committee is voluntary, and its members are not compensated.

The committee members represent environmental, business, community, post-secondary education, and other interests in Milton and across Halton. Indigenous groups were also invited to participate in the committee. The Community Consultation Committee is guided by a Terms of Reference, which all members contributed to and have agreed to.

The Community Consultation Committee does not replace additional means for citizens, agencies, or other organizations to provide their comments related to the Milton Logistics Hub to CN. For more information about how members of the community can provide input or feedback on the project to CN, please refer to the draft Community Liaison Communication Process.

The members of the Community Consultation Committee are:

Carleen Carroll, Wilfrid Laurier University
Stephanie Carruth, ONE For Freight
Larry Chambers, Resident
Allan Ehrlick, Halton Region Federation of Agriculture
Scott McCammon, Milton Chamber of Commerce
Nancy Mott, Resident
Lukas Reale, Great Gulf
Wendy Roberts, Sustainable Milton
Dominic Ste-Marie, Huron Wendat Nation
Cindy Toth, Halton Environmental Network
Rita Vogel Post, Milton RAIL (Residents Affected by Intermodal Lines)

Members of the public can connect with the Committee and the Co-Facilitators directly at:

UPDATED June 14, 2022

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