The Milton Logistics Hub was approved by the federal government on January 21, 2021, following an extensive environmental assessment under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012. The 325 conditions from the Decision Statement will be implemented in addition to the other number of commitments CN made throughout the environmental review process.

As an example, CN has heard concerns from the community about air quality, and we will be encouraging the contractor to use machinery with the most efficient (Tier 4) engines or zero-emissions equipment. At a minimum, contractors are required to use Tier 3 engines on site to minimize air emissions – a standard not seen on any project in Halton region today.

CN has also invested in 50 Canadian-made electric trucks to be used in urban environments. This pilot initiative, developed in response to community feedback on the Milton Logistics Hub, will be expanded if it proves to be successful.

Construction of the Project is expected to generate 375 jobs over the two-year construction period. For information about employment opportunities with CN, please visit CN’s recruitment webpage.

Construction schedule:

CN recognizes that the Project is still subject to regulatory approvals, and has developed the following information related to construction to be ready to move forward promptly if and when the remaining approvals are issued.

The Schedule Compliance Report (Condition 15.1) contains a schedule for all conditions set out in the Decision Statement, while the Construction Schedule (Condition 15.2) outlines all activities required to carry out all phases of the Designated Project.

Construction notices:

Where and when appropriate, CN will post construction notices to provide the community with important information prior to the start of activities. Check back here for more information in the near future.

Noise concerns: concerns about project-related construction noise can be reported to CN’s Public Inquiry Line, toll-free at 1.888.888.5909 or by email at 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET, Monday to Friday.