The Environment: A Top Priority

CN takes the protection of the environment and safety of surrounding communities very seriously,
and we have undertaken a number of technical studies to understand and mitigate the potential effects of the proposed project, including:

 All of the fact sheets can be accessed below:

A comprehensive environmental review process

The proposed Milton Logistics Hub is undergoing a comprehensive independent environmental assessment and regulatory review process, including participation of the community, Aboriginal groups, and local governments.

In December, 2015, CN submitted an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed Project to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA). The EIS provides comprehensive documentation of CN’s extensive technical work to assess the Project’s potential environmental and socio-economic effects. The conclusion of the EIS is that, with proposed mitigation measures, the Project is not likely to result in significant adverse effects, including cumulative effects.

The Project was referred to a joint review panel in July 2015. The three-person panel was appointed by the Minister of Environment and Climate Change and the Chair of the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) in December 2016. The review panel process includes multiple opportunities for public input led by the review panel. These public comment periods are in addition to upcoming consultation and engagement led by CN.

The EIS considers:

The purpose of the Project

Alternative means of carrying out the Project

Comments from the public, Aboriginal communities, and regulatory agencies

Any change of the Project that may be caused by the environment

Environmental effects of the Project, including cumulative effects, and the
effects of accidents and malfunctions

Mitigation measures and the significance of residual effects

Follow-up and monitoring programs

 Health and the environment

We believe it is important that we not just mitigate potential effects of the Project – where possible, we want to help people lead healthier lives and help make the environment in the area even better.

To support these goals, we will:

Work with local government and community partners to explore the possibility of building a bike path, connecting new
and existing trails in the area, helping families lead healthy, active lives.
Enhance vegetation along Indian Creek and through Tributary A realignments, to increase vegetation diversity, increase
shade to watercourses, provide bank stability, and improve water quality and fish habitat.
Off-set habitat loss to Bobolink and Eastern Meadowlark by creating improved offsite habitat in partnership with a
non-profit environmental organization.
Improve flood control along Tremaine Road through improved floodplain design.
Continue to support a University of Guelph Monarch butterfly habitat study area on CN property.